The People of Cowboys For Kids

Pete Relyea

President and Founder

Pete Relyea has been a business owner and entrepreneur since 1969 after serving as a U.S. Marine in Vietnam. Pete is known coast-to-coast as the “businessman’s cowboy.” He was a rodeo contestant and participant from 1970 through 1996. His events were bareback riding and team-roping. Pete founded and has operated Cowboys for Kids since 2001. Pete’s personal passion in forming Cowboys for Kids is the success he has observed over the years with equine therapy in treating challenged children and adults. With the acquisition of the T-Bone Ranch, Pete feels that the “sky is the limit” for Cowboys for Kids.

Pete Hannon

Mountain States Regional Director

Pete Hannon has a lifelong passion for horses and the Western Lifestyle. He is the Western heritage historian for Cowboys for Kids. Pete has worked as both a volunteer and in a paid position in therapeutic riding programs in the Colorado area for many years. Pete has given of his time and energy in the ideals of Cowboys for Kids since its inception.

Alena Leeds

Director of Operational Planning & Program Development

Alena Leeds holds a PhD in Engineering Systems and is currently manager of operations for a nationwide scientific data gathering network. She was a dedicated practitioner and teacher of martial arts for twenty five years, and holds varying degrees of black belts in Shotokan karate, Kendo and Iai-do. In addition, Alena has experience as an educator, having taught math and science to grades 7-12 at an exclusive Denver private school. During her years in education and the martial arts, Alena learned that she not only had a gift for teaching, but that she loved to mentor and encourage those for whom these endeavors were difficult. Alena recently adopted two teen age girls and had been told by social service professionals that lots of chores and hard work were the best hope for building character and empowering self esteem in these kinds of kids. But, upon observing first hand the power of the horse/human interaction to facilitate healing in her own daughters, she realized what an important contribution a ranch life style could make to others struggling with issues that hamper their success. When Alena met Pete and heard his vision for Cowboys for Kids; to utilize the great Western heritage of the cowboy lifestyle as a means to build character in children and to impart hope and healing to wounded spirits of all ages, she knew immediately that this would be the perfect marriage of her ambitions and experience with an organization committed to the same goals.

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp has been portraying his famous relative in a one-man play called WYATT EARP: A LIFE ON THE FRONTIER since 1996. It was written by his wife, Terry Earp who is an award-winning Arizona Playwright. The play has been performed all over the Southwest as well as in Scotland, Ireland, England, and Alaska and aboard cruise ships. In November of 2000 Wyatt performed for the American Studies Program at the University in Budapest, Hungary which was attended by the Cultural Attache'. In 1998, he began performing another one-man play THE GENTLEMAN DOC HOLLIDAY which is based on "Doc Holliday: A Family portrait" by Karen Holliday Tanner. Wyatt is retired from the New York Life Insurance Company where he worked as an agent for over 35 years. Wyatt is also a charter member of ARIZONA GUNFIGHTERS, historical reenactment troupe and Park Central Toastmasters since 1980. His athletic endeavors include the completion of two Hawaiian Ironman triathlons, numerous marathons, 10k's and long distance swim events including the ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ. Wyatt serves on the Phoenix Downtown YMCA Board of Directors as well as coaches the Y's Master's swim program. In addition, he is the race director for the YMCA Half-Marathon which is The oldest foot race in Arizona. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to Arizona in 1998. He currently resides in Phoenix with his wife, Terry and their two cats; Doc Holliday and Cowboy.

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